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Top tips for planning a successful summer wedding in Oregon

While Oregon is beautiful year-round our summers can't be beat! We call summertime 'peak season' because it is when the majority of couples want to say their big I do's so they can take advantage of the weather and fully utilize their venue both indoors and outside. However, summer can also bring sweltering heat and discomfort so making sure you and your guests enjoy the day and don't get too hot is a top priority. Many couples forget to take this into account while planning. We want to help you avoid that mistake and plan a wedding that is not only beautiful but also comfortable for you and your guests.

Access the shade situation at your venue

When looking for your venue take into account what time of day your ceremony and reception will be taking place and if there is shade available. We find our woodland site to be the most popular ceremony site during the warm summer months because it provides a nice shady spot that feels comfortable even during our hottest days.

Pro tip...Avoid scheduling your ceremony during the hottest part of the day.

Embrace the beauty of Oregon summers and keep things natural

Oregon summers have a way of making you feel connected to nature. By embracing that natural beauty and choosing a wedding venue with towering trees, ferns, flowers and ornamental grasses you can lower your cost by spending less on decor. Allowing your venue's landscape to enhance your decor is a decision you will not regret. Adding in natural elements to your decor choices such as wood, pampas grass, and greenery will help tie together the natural feel all while remaining budget friendly.

Photo by Becerra Photography

Keeping the dress code light and flowy is best

Your bridal party and guests will be beyond thankful for choosing a dress code that will allow them to feel chic yet comfortable and not roasting in the summer heat. For your wedding party light colors and fabrics tend to be the coolest. Leave a little note on your wedding website letting guests know to dress in their cutest yet coolest summer styles and encourage comfortable open-air footwear. We've all been to that wedding where we adorn our cutest pair of heels only to regret it 30 minutes into the reception. Give your guests permission to have on shoes that will keep their feet not only cool but comfortable so they can dance the night away with you.

Be prepared for the sun

While you may be having your ceremony and reception in a shaded spot you and your wedding party will likely be out taking photos for an extended period of time. One of the top items we see forgotten is sunscreen. You do not want to burn on your wedding day! Make sure your makeup has an SPF in it and if it doesn't invest in a good non-greasy face sunscreen to apply before your primer. We also highly suggest scheduling in time prior to heading outside for photos and/or ceremony to apply sunscreen. It may seem silly scheduling it in, but it can easily be forgotten in all the hustle and bustle that happens before the ceremony. An added special touch for your guests would be to have a small sunscreen station available near the entrance to the venue for those guests that didn't think about applying it before they left their house or who may need to reapply after a couple of hours.

Stay hydrated

Signature cocktails and alcoholic beverages are fun and can help keep the party flowing, in the heat of summer it is very important to encourage guests to also drink lots of water. A beverage tin with ice cold water bottles for guest to grab prior to ceremony starting is a great way to kick this off. Then during the cocktail hour and reception either have a few beverage tins with water bottles or a self-service water station set up. On a sweltering summer day your gusts will be thankful you took this into account.

Pro tip...have someone assigned to bring water to the newlyweds and wedding party during photos, especially if they are taking place outside!

Remember it is Oregon and we are known for our unpredictable weather. Have a backup plan for rain

In the past decade there hasn't been a summer in Oregon where I can remember not having at least 1 wedding get sprinkled on. Sometimes it can be a surprise shower, sometimes we have advance notice but when you are planning your special day months from now there is no way to know what the weather will be. As your date gets closer you will have a better idea of what the day will bring but we highly recommend having a backup plan in mind from the start of your planning journey. There is nothing more stressful than being a week or two away from your wedding day and realizing it is going to rain and you have absolutely no idea what to do because you never considered it could happen. We work closely with all our couples to set what we call the 'ideal plan a' in addition to the 'back up plan b' regardless of the time of year. We have found that this helps relieve a lot of stress if it comes down to having to put the backup plan into motion because the details of what it would look like have already been discussed and are in the back of their minds from the start.

Photo by Tara Jordan Photography

Our most important tip of all

Remember this day is about you, the newlyweds. Plan and create your wedding with these summer tips in mind but stick to your style and personality. You want to create a wedding you will look back on years from now and still smile about. If you are dreaming of the perfect Oregon wedding venue, we host naturally beautiful summer weddings with the comfort of a shaded woodland site as well as an indoor facility with air conditioning. Contact us today to schedule your private tour and see the beauty that is Addivia Venue for yourself.

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