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Jessica + Luke: Romantic woodland ceremony @ Addivia

Back in the beginning of 2019 when Jessica and Luke booked their wedding with us, we couldn't have imagined how long their engagement would end up being due to Covid rescheduling. When the day finally came for these two to get married, they decided what worked best for them was to have their ceremony and photos at Addivia and then reception at their home. We were so happy they found a solution that worked well for them and their guests and just love how sunning they look in their photos!

Jessica and Luke utilized the corner of the lodge to read their private vows prior to their ceremony. Such a great way to be able to take this private moment and still keep the element of surprise for the ceremony.

Sometimes not seeing the bride before the ceremony leads to the sweetest display of emotion as she starts down the aisle.

One last photo before the couple proceeded to their house for the reception potion on this special day.


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